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TitleAuthor(s)Publication DataTypeYear
Complementizer-trace effectsPesetsky, Davidto appear in Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk (eds.) A Companion to Syntax, 2nd edition, Oxford: chapterTo appear
The visual trace of unaccusativity in online processingKoring, Loes; Van de Koot, HansSubmittedunpublished manuscriptTo appear
Language Acquisition from a Biolinguistic PerspectiveCrain, Stephen; Koring, Loes; Thornton, RosalindIn pressjournal articleTo appear
Processing intransitive verbs: How do children differ from adults?Koring, Loes; Mak, Pim; Mulders, Iris; Reuland, EricSubmittedunpublished manuscriptTo appear
Wm. G. Bennett (2015). The Phonology of Consonants: Harmony, Dissimilation, and Correspondence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Pp. xvii+394.Stanton, JulietTo appear in Phonology 33.3 (December 2016)journal articleTo appear
Nuclear stress and the life cycle of operatorsRichards, Norvinms., to appear in a Festschriftunpublished manuscriptTo appear
The Lexical Accent of Surnames in Kyengsang Korean: A Study in AnalogyKenstowicz, Michael; Sohn, HyangsookTo appear in Journal of Asian and African Studies, vol. 94, 2017journal articleTo appear
Ellipsis as a diagnostic of movements in expletive there and it sentencesWu, DanfengSubmittedjournal articleTo appear
Trouble with attitudes and the futureBanerjee, NeilProceedings of the 35th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics. Wm. G. Bennett, Lindsay Hracs, and Dennis Ryan Storoshenko (eds.). 1-17.proceedings paper2018
Featural definition of syntactic positions: evidence from hyper-raisingFong, SuzanaProceedings of the 2018 Linguistic Society of America Annual Meetingproceedings paper2018
The Reduplicative System of Ancient Greek and a New Analysis of Attic ReduplicationZukoff, SamLinguistic Inquiry 48 (3):459-497. article2017
Some notes on Tagalog prosody and scramblingRichards, NorvinGlossa 2(1), 21journal article2017
Deriving ContiguityRichards, Norvinms., MITunpublished manuscript2017
Contiguity Theory and pied-pipingRichards, Norvinms., MITunpublished manuscript2017
Quantitative rhythm and Saussure’s Tribrach LawSteriade, Doncato appear in Brent Vine and David Goldstein (editors) Proceedings of the 28th annual Indo-European Conference, Hempen Verlagproceedings paper2017
Prosodic Identity in Copy Epenthesis: Evidence for a Correspondence-based ApproachStanton, Juliet; Zukoff, SamNatural Language & Linguistic Theory. article2017
Indo-European Reduplication: Synchrony, Diachrony, and TheoryZukoff, SamPhD Dissertation, MITdissertation2017
The Mirror Alignment Principle: Morpheme Ordering at the Morphosyntax-Phonology InterfaceZukoff, SamPapers on Morphology (MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 81), edited by Snejana Iovtcheva and Benjamin Storme, 105-124. Cambridge, MA: MITWPLbook chapter2017
Actually, Serial Template Satisfaction Does Predict Medial Coda Skipping in ReduplicationZukoff, SamSupplemental proceedings of the 2016 Annual Meeting on Phonology, edited by Karen Jesney, Charlie O'Hara, Caitlin Smith, and Rachel Walker. Washington, DC: Linguistic Society of Americaproceedings paper2017
Arabic Nonconcatenative Morphology and the Syntax-Phonology InterfaceZukoff, SamNELS 47: Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, edited by Andrew Lamont and Katerina Tetzloff, 3:295-314. Amherst, MA: Graduate Linguistics Student Associationproceedings paper2017
On evaluation metrics in Optimality TheoryRasin, Ezer; Katzir, RoniLinguistic Inquiry 47:2journal article2016
The morphome vs. similarity-based syncretism: Latin t-stem derivativesSteriade, Doncain Ana Luis and Ricardo Bermudez-Otero (eds.) The morphome debate, Oxford University Pressbook chapter2016
Learnability shapes typology: the case of the midpoint pathologyStanton, JulietLanguage 92.4, 753–791journal article2016
Predicting distributional restrictions on prenasalized stopsStanton, JulietNatural Language and Linguistic Theory 34.3, 1089–1133journal article2016
Wholesale Late Merger in A'-Movement: Evidence from Preposition StrandingStanton, JulietLinguistic Inquiry 47.1, 89–126journal article2016
Effects of allophonic vowel nasalization on NC clusters: a contrast-based analysisStanton, JulietNELS 46: Proceedings of the 46th Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society, Volume 3, 193–206.proceedings paper2016
Prosodic effects of segmental correspondenceStanton, Juliet; Zukoff, SamProceedings of CLS 51 (2015), 501–515proceedings paper2016
Contiguity TheoryRichards, NorvinMIT Press, Cambridge, MAbook2016
How many ways are there to process a sentence?Koring, Loeshandout/slides2016
Stress Restricts ReduplicationZukoff, SamSupplemental proceedings of the 2014 Annual Meeting on Phonologyproceedings paper2016
Accentual allomorphs in East Slavic: An argument for inflection dependenceSteriade, Donca; Yanovich, Igorin Eulalia Bonet, Maria-Rosa Lloret, Joan Mascaro (eds.) Understanding Allomorphy, Equinox Press, pp. 254-313book chapter2015
Factorial typology and accentual faithfulnessStanton, JulietProceedings of the 32nd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, 54–63proceedings paper2015
Understanding different sources of information: the acquisition of evidentialityKoring, Loes; De Mulder, Hannah2015journal article2015
Interfering causes in acquisitionKoring, Loeshandout/slides2015
Who is the agent when it is left implicit?Koring, Loes; Sangers, Nina; Wexler, Kenhandout/slides2015
Definiteness as a trigger of idiomaticityKoring, Loeshandout/slides2015
The Phonology of Morpheme Realization in the Germanic Strong PreteritesZukoff, Sam; Sandell, RyanProceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Societyproceedings paper2015
A cyclic factorial typology of Pama-Nyungan StressStanton, JulietSupplemental Proceedings of the 2013 Meeting on Phonologyproceedings paper2014
The semantics and acquisition of non-embedding reportativesKoring, Loeshandout/slides2014
On the Origins of Attic ReduplicationZukoff, SamProceedings of the 25th UCLA Indo-European Conferenceproceedings paper2014
Recursive Misrepresentations: a reply to Levinson (2013)Legate, Julie; Pesetsky, David; Yang, CharlesLanguage 90.2, 515-528. (DOI: 10.1353/lan.2014.0034)journal article2013
Phrasal Movement and its Discontents: Diseases and DiagnosticsPesetsky, Davidin Lisa L.L. Cheng and Norbert Corver (eds.) Diagnostics for Movement, Oxford University Press. (2013) , pp. chapter2013
Russian Case Morphology and the Syntactic CategoriesPesetsky, DavidMIT Pressbook2013
Seemingly Similar: Subjects and displacement in grammar, processing, and acquisitionKoring, Loesdissertation2013
The cycle without containment: Latin perfect stemsSteriade, Doncaunpublished manuscript2012
The Identity Thesis for Language and MusicKatz, Jonah; Pesetsky, Davidsubmittedunpublished manuscript2011
CasePesetsky, David; Torrego, Estherin C. Boeckx, ed. Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 52-72book chapter2011
Against taking linguistic diversity at '"face value"Pesetsky, Davidinvited commentary on paper by Evans and Levinson. Brain and Behavioral Sciences 32.5, 464-5.journal article2009
Evidence and Argumentation: a reply to Everett (2009)Nevins, Andrew; Pesetsky, David; Rodrigues, CileneLanguage 85.3, 671-681journal article2009
Piraha Exceptionality: a ReassessmentNevins, Andrew; Pesetsky, David; Rodrigues, CileneLanguage 85.2, 355-404journal article2009
The Phonology of Perceptibility Effects: the P-map and its consequences for constraint organizationSteriade, Doncain Kristin Hanson and Sharon Inkelas (eds.) The Nature of the Word: Studies in Honor of Paul Kiparsky, pp. chapter2009
Passive, Deponency and Tense: Comments on the Paper by Papangeli and LavidasPesetsky, Davidin S. Iatridou, ed. MIT Working Papers in Linguistics: Proceedings of the Workshop on Greek Syntaxbook chapter2008
A pseudo-cyclic effect in Romanian morphophonologySteriade, Doncain Asaf Bachrach and Andrew Nevins (eds.) Inflectional Identity, Oxford University Press, pp. 313-358book chapter2008
Property DelayPesetsky, DavidTheoretical Linguistics, 33.1, pp. 105-120journal article2007
The Syntax of Valuation and the Interpretability of FeaturesPesetsky, David; Torrego, Estherin S. Karimi, V. Samiian and W.Wilkins, eds. Phrasal and Clausal Architecture. Amsterdam: Benjaminsbook chapter2007
ContrastSteriade, Doncain Paul de Lacy (ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of Phonology, Cambridge University Press, pp. 139-156book chapter2007
Perceptual repair and syllable structureSteriade, Doncams.unpublished manuscript2007
Probes, Goals and Syntactic CategoriesPesetsky, David; Torrego, Estherin Yukio Otsu, ed. Proceedings of the 7th annual Tokyo Conference on Psycholinguistics. Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo Publishing Company.proceedings paper2006
What we know about what we have never heard: Evidence from perceptual illusionsBerent, Iris; Steriade, Donca; Lennertz, Tracy; Vaknin, VeredCognition 104.3 (2007): 591-630journal article2006
Cyclic Linearization and its interaction with other aspects of grammar: a replyFox, Danny; Pesetsky, DavidTheoretical Linguistics 31.1-2 (Special Issue on Object Shift). pp. 235-262 [reply to commentataries on Fox & Pesetsky 2005]journal article2005
Cyclic Linearization of Syntactic StructureFox, Danny; Pesetsky, DavidTheoretical Linguistics 31.1-45journal article2005
Tense, Case and the Nature of Syntactic Categories Pesetsky, David; Torrego, Estherbook chapter2004
Introduction: the phonetic bases of phonological markednessHayes, Bruce; Steriade, Doncain Bruce Hayes, Robert Kirchner and Donca Steriade (eds.) Phonetically Based Phonology, Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-33book chapter2004
Knowledge of perceptual similarity and its phonological uses: evidence from half-rhymesSteriade, DoncaProceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Barcelona: Causal Productions. Vol. 363366. 2003.proceedings paper2003
Knowledge of similarity and narow lexical overrideSteriade, Doncain Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 583-598).proceedings paper2003
How should reading be taught?Ratner, Keith; Foorman, Barbara R.; Perfetti, Charles A.; Pesetsky, David; Seidenberg, Mark S.Scientific American (March 1 2002)journal article2002
How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of ReadingRayner, Keith; Foorman, Barbara R.; Perfetti, Charles A.; Pesetsky, David; Seidenberg, Mark S.Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 2:2journal article2002
The syllableSteriade, DoncaIn W. Frawley (ed.) 2002, Oxford Encyclopedia of Linguisticsbook chapter2002
T-to-C Movement: Causes and ConsequencesPesetsky, David; Torrego, EstherM. Kenstowicz (ed.) Ken Hale: A Life in Language. Cambridge: MIT Press, pp. 355-426book chapter2001
Directional asymmetries in place assimilation: a perceptual accountSteriade, Doncain Elizabeth Hume and Keith Johnson (eds.) Perception in Phonology, Academic Press 219-250book chapter2001
The Phonology of Perceptibility Effects: the P-map and its consequences for constraint organizationSteriade, Donca(In Microsoft Word format)unpublished manuscript2001
Paradigm uniformity and the phonetics/phonology boundary,Steriade, Doncain J.Pierrehumbert and M.Broe (eds.) Papers in Laboratory Phonology vol. 6 CUP, pp. 313-334book chapter2000
Lexical conservatism and the notion base of affixationSteriade, DoncaManuscriptunpublished manuscript2000
Directional asymmetries in place assimilation: a perceptual accountSteriade, Doncain E.Hume and K.Johnson (eds.) Perception in Phonology, Academic Pressbook2000
Paradigm Uniformity and the Phonetics/Phonology BoundarySteriade, Doncain J.Pierrehumbert and M.Broe (eds.) Papers in Laboratory Phonology vol. 6, Cambridge Univ.Pressjournal article2000
Alternatives to the syllabic interpretation of consonantal phonotacticsSteriade, Doncain O.Fujimura, B.Joseph and B.Palek (eds) Proceedings of the 1998 Linguistics and Phonetics Conference, The Karolinum Press, pp. 205-242book chapter1999
Lexical ConservatismSteriade, Doncain Linguistics in the Morning Calm, Selected Papers from SICOL 1997, Linguistic Society of Korea, Hanshin Publishing House, pp. 157-179proceedings paper1999
Alternatives to the syllabic interpretation of consonantal phonotacticsSteriade, Doncain O.Fujimura B.Joseph and B.Palek (eds.) Proceedings of the 1998 Linguistics and Phonetics Conference, The Karolinum Press, 205-242proceedings paper1999
Lexical Conservatism in French Adjectival LiaisonSteriade, Doncain B.Bullock, M. Authier and L. Reed (eds.) Formal Perspectives in Romance Linguistics, John Benjamins, pp. 243-270book chapter1999
Au delà de la syllabe : le rôle des informations articulatoires stockées dans le lexique pour l'analyse de la chute de schwaSteriade, Donca; Fougeron, Cécilein Sophie Wauquier-Graveli (ed.) Journées d'études linguistiques: la syllabe sous tous ses aspects. Université de Nantesjournal article1999
Phonetics in phonology: the case of laryngeal neutralizationSteriade, Doncaunpublished manuscript1997
Phonetics in phonology: the case of laryngeal neutralizationSteriade, DoncaManuscriptunpublished manuscript1997
Does deletion of French schwa lead to neutralization of lexical distinctions?Steriade, Donca; Fougeron, Cécilein Euro-Speech 1997, Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology, University of Patras, vol. 7, p. 943-937proceedings paper1997
Markedness and UnderspecificationSteriade, DoncaJohn Goldsmith (ed.) The handbook of phonological theory (1995): pp. chapter1995
Complex Onsets and Single Segments: the Mazateco PatternSteriade, Doncain Kisseberth, Charles W., and Jennifer S. Cole, eds. Perspectives in phonology. Center for the Study of Language and Information, chapter1994
Contrastive GestureSteriade, Doncatext of talk given at NELS 1994unpublished manuscript1994
Lexical ConservatismSteriade, Doncain Linguistics in the Morning Calm, Selected Papers from SICOL 1997, Linguistic Society of Korea, Hanshin Publishing House, pp157-179proceedings paper1994
Closure, release and nasal contoursSteriade, Doncabook chapter1993
Orality and MarkednessSteriade, Doncain Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society: General Session and Parasession on Semantic Typology and Semantic Universals (1993), pp. 334-347proceedings paper1993
Segments, contours and clustersSteriade, Doncain An. Crochetiere, J.-C. Boulanger, C. Ouellon (eds.) Actes du XVe Congres International des Linguistes, Quebec, Universite Laval, 9-14 Aout 1992proceedings paper1992
Moras and other slotsSteriade, DoncaProceedings of the Formal Linguistics Society of MidAmerica 1, pp. 254-280.journal article1991
Gestures and autosegmentsSteriade, Doncain M.Beckman and J.Kingston (eds.) Papers in Laboratory Phonology, Cambridge University Press, pp. 382-397book chapter1990
Review of CV Phonology: A generative theory of the syllable. By GEORGE N. CLEMENTS and SAMUEL JAY KEYSER. (Linguistic Inquiry monograph 9.) Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1983Steriade, DoncaLanguage, Vol. 64, No. 1 (Mar., 1988), pp. 118-129journal article1988
Greek Accent: A Case for Preserving StructureSteriade, DoncaLinguistic Inquiry, Vol. 19, No. 2 (Spring, 1988), pp. 271-314journal article1988
Reduplication and Syllable Transfer in Sanskrit and ElsewhereSteriade, DoncaPhonology, Vol. 5, No. 1 (1988), pp. 73-155journal article1988
Gemination and the Proto-Romance Syllable ShiftSteriade, Doncain D.Birdsong and J.P.Montreuil (eds.) Advances in Romance Linguistics, Foris, pp. 382-397book chapter1988
On GeminatesSchein, Barry; Steriade, DoncaLinguistic Inquiry, Vol. 17, No. 4 (Autumn, 1986), pp. 691-744journal article1986
Yokuts and the vowel planeSteriade, DoncaLinguistic Inquiry, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Winter, 1986), pp. 129-146journal article1986
Glides and Vowels in RomanianSteriade, Doncain C.Brugmann (ed) Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 1984 Oct 17 (Vol. 10, pp. 47-64).proceedings paper1984

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Berkeley Ph.D. dissertations on American Indian languages and linguistics

1905Pliny Earle GoddardMorphology of the Hupa language [publication PDF]Benjamin Ide Wheeler
1932Charles VoegelinA characterization of the Kern River Shoshonean language [publication PDF]A. L. Kroeber
1955William BrightA grammar of the Karok languageMary Haas
1957Sydney LambMono grammar [PDF]Mary Haas
1959Phillip BarkerThe Klamath languageMary Haas
1959William ShipleyMaidu grammarMary Haas
1960Sylvia BroadbentA grammar of Southern Sierra MiwokMary Haas
1961Robert OswaltA Kashaya grammar (Southwestern Pomo)Mary Haas
1962Wick MillerThe Acoma languageMary Haas
1962Karl TeeterThe Wiyot languageMary Haas
1963Catherine CallaghanA grammar of the Lake Miwok language [PDF]Mary Haas
1963Terrence KaufmanTzeltal grammar [PDF]William Shipley
1963Esther MattesonThe Piro (Arawak) language [PDF]Mary Haas
1963Harvey PitkinWintu grammar [PDF]Mary Haas
1964William JacobsenA grammar of the Washo language [PDF]Mary Haas
1965Haruo AokiNez Perce grammar [PDF]William Shipley
1965Mary FosterThe Tarascan language [PDF]Wallace Chafe
1966James CrawfordThe Cocopa language [PDF]Mary Haas
1966Margaret LangdonA grammar of Diegueño: The Mesa Grande dialect [PDF]Mary Haas
1966Sally McLendonThe Eastern Pomo languageMary Haas
1966Shirley SilverThe Shasta language [PDF]Mary Haas
1967Russell UltanKonkow grammar [PDF]Mary Haas
1968Thomas CollordYokuts grammar: Chukchansi [PDF]Terrence Kaufman
1968Mary MarinoA dictionary of Winnebago: An analysis and reference grammar of the Radin lexical fileDell Hymes
1969Una CangerAnalysis in outline of Mam, a Mayan language [PDF]Francis Whitfield
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1970Alva WheelerA grammar of the Siona language, Colombia, South America [PDF]Terrence Kaufman
1971Victor GirardProto-Carib phonologyWallace Chafe
1971Robert HollowA Mandan dictionary
1971Mauricio MixcoKiliwa grammarMary Haas
1972Richard ApplegateIneseno Chumash grammar [PDF]Madison Beeler
1972Douglas ParksA grammar of PawneeMary Haas
1972Bruce PearsonA grammar of Delaware: Semantics, morpho-syntax, lexicon, phonologyMary Haas
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1975Geoffrey GambleWikchumni grammarMary Haas
1977Joseph DavidsonA contrastive study of the grammatical structures of Aymara and Cuzco KechuaMary Haas
1977Brent GallowayA grammar of Chilliwack Halkomelem [PDF]Mary Haas
1977Kathryn KlarTopics in historical Chumash grammar [PDF]Madison Beeler
1977Marc OkrandMutsun grammar [PDF]Mary Haas
1977Robert Van ValinAspects of Lakhota syntax [PDF]Wallace Chafe
1978Jean-Pierre BelandAtikamekw morphology and lexicon [PDF]Mary Haas
1980Kenneth WhistlerProto-Wintun kin classification: A case study in reconstruction of a complex semantic system [PDF]Mary Haas
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2012Hannah HaynieStudies in the history and geography of California languages [PDF]Andrew Garrett2013Justin SpenceLanguage Change, Contact, and Koineization in Pacific Coast Athabaskan [PDF]Andrew Garrett2014John Sylak-GlassmanDeriving Natural Classes: The Phonology and Typology of Post-Velar Consonants [PDF]Sharon Inkelas2015Stephanie FarmerEstablishing Reference in Máíhɨ̃ki [PDF]Lev Michael2017Clare SandyProsodic Prominence in Karuk [PDF]Andrew Garrett and Sharon Inkelas2017Kayla BegayWailaki Grammar [PDF]Andrew Garrett and Justin Spence2017Katherine SardinhaThe Semantics of Kʷak̓ʷala Object Case [PDF]Line Mikkelsen

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