Nathan Hale Middle School Homework Hotline Phone

Students have rights that entitle you to a free public education -- and students and parents have responsibilities as a partner! Below is a list of some of your rights as a BPS student. If you have ideas about how to make your school a better place to learn, Speak up! Talk to other students, talk to your teachers and principal. Go to your school site council meeting and let your voice be heard


You have the right to enter the school building even if you arrive late.

When you complete the Parent & Student Agreement/Release of Information to Military and Higher Education Recruiters section of the Guide to Boston Public Schools for Families and Students and return it to the school, military recruiters cannot access your personal information.


If, for disciplinary reasons, you are excluded for more than 10 consecutive school days, you have the right to alternative educational services.


Homework should be relevant to the day's lesson and provide preparation for the next day, and should be reviewed in class every day.


You have the right to participate in decision-making at your school—contact your headmaster about your School Site Council, which must contain two students elected by their peers. School Site Councils make decisions on staffing, budgeting and school rules.


You have the right to be treated with respect while walking through metal detectors at school.


Cell phones must remain off and hidden during school. You may use cell phones before or after school hours, outside or inside.


BPS collects student feedback to be used as evidence in educator evaluations.


Suspension and expulsion should be your administrator’s last resort. You have the right to disciplinary interventions before exclusion from school.


All high school students have the right to fill out a Student-to-Teacher Constructive Feedback Form for every teacher as a way to give feedback on classroom management and instruction.


Students have the right to elect a government of their peers by secret ballot, and you have the right to seek and hold office at your school. Each year, elections must be held by October 15th.


90 hours of PE must be given at each school for each grade.


If you are familiar with your school-based rules and believe any of these rights have been violated, please report the incident by filing a grievance online. All reports will go to the BSAC and the Chief Operating Officer of the Boston Public Schools. Students are also encouraged to report violations to trusted teachers or school leadership.

Huntington Freshman Full of Energy at Orientation

Hundreds of incoming Huntington High School freshmen and their parents attended an orientation program last week that saw students meet teachers and department leaders, participate in peer discussion groups led by older student-mentors, tour the building, get locker assignments and enjoy a sumptuous lunch in the cafeteria and courtyard areas.

Katie Seccafico Plans for Fun Senior Year

Katie Seccafico is a naturally upbeat, smiling young woman. As she enters her senior year at Huntington High School, the teenager plans to get the most out of every single day.

Huntington High School Freshman Orientation Set

Incoming Huntington High School freshman and their parents will participate in an orientation program at the school on Wednesday, August 30. The program will begin with introductory remarks at 9:30 a.m. by Principal Brenden Cusack, Assistant Principals Joseph DiTroia and Gamal Smith and Superintendent James W. Polansky.

Trustees Appoint HHS Club Faculty Advisors

Huntington High School’s after school club program will be at full strength when classes resume on September 6. Faculty advisors have been formally appointed by Huntington School Board members. Each one of the organizations are planning a full slate of activities during the 2016/17 school year.

Pat Sclafani is Essential at Huntington High School

It didn’t take long for Patrick Sclafani to become one of Huntington High School’s most essential students. The soon to be sophomore is always ready to answer the call to make the building a better place for everyone. He’s one of the best in the classroom and is a great golfer, too.

H-ton Students Notch AP Exam Honors

Huntington High School students challenged themselves this past spring by taking 840 Advanced Placement exams.

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